This is Carlín Díaz,
Born on 9th February 1991 in Caracas, Venezuela

Living and working in Brussels, Belgium

These images picture the visual translation of feelings and sensations living in my head, what is not touchable, that sensation of your favorite song getting through your ears or your first orgasm. Some other ones are reminders to myself (and for the one’s I’m trying to love unconditionally ) to be a better person.



GBG arts, Caracas - 2019
La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles - 2019
Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles - 2018
Le Wonder Liebert, Paris - 2018
Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin - 2017
Ourcq Blanc cultural space, Paris - 2017
Heavy Weights, Southblock, Glasgow - 2016


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View from the window: towel drying to be used in a collage