This is Carlín Díaz,
Born on 9th February 1991 in Caracas, Venezuela

Living and working in Brussels, Belgium

« [Nature] can also be grasped as that aspect of human interiority which has remained nature or, at least, has the tendency, the longing to become nature again. »

« According to this view of nature, the life of the wild animal acquires an ideal status - an ideal internalized as a feeling resulting from repressed desire. The image of the wild animal then becomes the starting point of a reverie, a point from which the dreamer leaves, turning his back to it. » 

From John Berger’s Why Look at Animals. Page 40. Éditions Héros -Limite



GBG arts, Caracas - 2019
La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles - 2019
Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles - 2018
Le Wonder Liebert, Paris - 2018
Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin - 2017
Ourcq Blanc cultural space, Paris - 2017
Heavy Weights, Southblock, Glasgow - 2016


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View from the window: towel drying to be used in a collage